Thursday, 1 January 2015

Pass at Hendon Driving Test Centre

Here is some useful information from a qualified instructor to help you pass the driving test following the move of the DSA driving test centre to new offices a few yards from the old location on Aerodome road to a location in Hendon with improved facilities.

The address is now:

Hendon Test Centre
3 Aviation Square
Beaufort Park
Hendon, London
Telephone Number

DSA Test Centre Beaufort Park NW9

Due to the limited parking spaces, Driving Instructors and ADIs have been requested not to practice at the new location, as it could hinder the examiners doing their work, however if you can schedule your driving lesson after 5pm, then you can practice the bay parking exercise, as the bays are quite small and hard to get into, maybe this might bring down the pass rate of this new hendon centre compared with the old one on aerodrome road. All local driving instructors know of suitable locations where learners can get enough practice reversing into bays without disturbing other road users, so make sure you are fully prepared for this exercise.

Bay Parking New Hendon Test Centre

The hendon test centre routes have not changed and remain the same, so you can still expect to deal with Apex corner multi-lane roundabout, the A1 and A41 watford way dual carriageway, the same narrow country roads as well as test manuevers. The DSA online booking system can now be used as normal for Hendon driving tests also know as Aviation Square. Driving directions to the new venue are the same as Beaufort park is on Aerodrome road, with the entrace just opposite the Metropolitan Police Traninin Centre (Peel) in NW9 London.

I still rccommend my learner drivers book their tests in Hendon as oppossed to Mill Hill not just because it has a higher pass rate, but the examiner's are much more relaxed and friendly and the test routes while almost the same as the DSA centre in Bunns lane but by the time you get to the trickier bits, you would have settled down, and should be able to deal with the traffic situations. Here is some more information on the Hendon Test Centre routes:

You need to make sure you have practiced enough on your driving manuevers, especially the left reverse round the corner, as many candidates seem to have problems with this in the locations used by the Hendon DSA examiners.
There are 2 major multi-lane roundabouts that you might have to deal with on the A1 dual carriageway, with one of them having a speed limit of 70mph.
The other hazard involves a narrow country lane that can be quite tricky, so get some practise on these.

If you are not familiar with the Hendon area, I have created an instructional video covering the more common places where learner drivers fail the driving test, including a poorly marked cross road junction that the examiners like to use towards the end of the 40 minute drive. Click on the image below for details on how to download this very useful video which could save you another £62 booking fee.

Hendon Driving Test Routes

Also you need to select Aviaton Square or Hendon on the DSA online booking system for test appointments at the new test centre centre. And finally do not fail your driving test for being too slow on the A1 dual carriageway, a popular route used here.

Hendon Test Centre Contact Number

If you need to contact the driving test centre during bad weather to confirm if you appointment has not been cancelled due to snow, ice or fog, use the phone number printed in your DSA confirmation letter or email.
You can also get in touch with the DSA contact centre who can also help with your enquiry.

You can download the Hendon DSA examiner Bad Weather Contact Phone Number if the above mentioned process is not successful.